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I used my extra virgin coconut oil and mixed it with a little argan oil (for giggles) as a pre-poo. Left it on for 30 some odd mins and then CJ loo-poo'd it out. I think I'm really starting to dig the CJ loo-poo. Anyway, went back to the mastey since I haven't used it in-for-evah (and I know how my hair reacts with it), and then used CJ CA LI. Pulled the old jessicurl samples back out and..... its a bust. The of my hair back is nearly flat. Why is something that is marketed as a curl enhancer not enhancing on me?? I mean, LOOC is more curl enhancing when used alone under gel! lol.

Anyway, I'm gonna go with the fact that Jessicurl is loaded with oils, and I should just stay away from them in anything but my pre-poo's.
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