runner -- I encourage you to keep ordering raw supplies. I want to make stuff so bad. I'm just not in a place where I have the time right now. So I'll live through you, vicariously heh.

gekko -- Round Trip is this goo like stuff. Its very watery, sorta reminds me of the Artec texturline gel (can't remember if you've tried that or not). Its runny, not like BHRG at all. It has a little bit of mag sulfate, but I haven't noticed it drying my hair out at all, but I'm not mag sulfate sensitive either. I hated it in the summer because it dried plasticy on my hair. It was like putting straight BHRG in. however, now it gives me hold with no crunch and I think it actually gives a bit of curl enhancement. I've really been digging it. Its not a fave on the boards, I think the general consensus was "meh, I've used better."
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