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Originally Posted by goobernut View Post
Originally Posted by solidgold View Post
Alex, your bouncy ringlets are so cute!
I looked at your pics and was like, "that's curly!!! that's not wavy!" LOL, and its all over! I do not see any funny ringlets on the bottom.

Jess -- I'm having such a hard time figuring out this whole "moisture in the winter thing". My hair has lost a lot of the wave, but the temps haven't really changed from summer. It feels like it needs more moisture, but when I give it more moisture, it just goes limp and flat.
I had a lot of OC problems last winter and I'm a little scared of that so I'm still shying away from my heavier condish. Maybe I need to add DTs back in first. I stopped DTing ages ago and I think I need it again. Thing is I haven't lost any curl and my hair never feels dry. IDK. Maybe I need a trim. It's been 5 months since my last Deva cut and when I went to my old stylist for color last week she said I needed a trim. I don't want to go back to my Deva stylist (she took 4 inches off last time when I asked for a trim) and my other stylist always cuts wet, uses a razor, etc. I really don't want to go to someone new

Goober are you DTing?
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