Hi Ladies!

Congratulations to WH and FTFE for reaching the end of the couch to 5k!

I took a week off due to illness (mine, and the kiddies). But I finally got out yesterday and ran 9k. I'm going to try to run 10k next weekend, and then I'll feel more secure about my first 10k race in mid January.

Its cold out there! It was close to freezing yesterday when I ran. I was still in capri leggings and a shirt and pretty comfortable (I run HOT!) but near the end I couldn't feel my arms. Tonight's clinic talk is about dressing for different weather so hopefully I'll learn something.

WilE, sorry you are having hip pains. For me its my left knee. I even bought a new pair of shoes because the guy at the store thought I was pronating. But after 6k or so, it still hurts.