This is the first time in my life I have truly embraced my curls, and I feel proud and fantastic. I am Irish-Red Curly and feel I am embracing my heritage and whom I am as a person.

I have followed the "Curly Girl" wisdom, of the book. I no longer use any shampoo and put in water soluable gels everday and my curls look great, and shiny. I feel like a new woman.

This has been a rough year for me emotionally, and not only did I embrace my curls I have lost almost 60 lbs., I am ready to be the real me and it feels great. I just wanted to share.

Red and Curly, in Wisconsin
3B, CG,Corkscrew
Xtramoist shampoo, Fastfood leave on, Recoil, varnish Gel-Herbal Essances, Totally Twisted
Irish-American Curly
Never try to be something you are not, and never be afraid to be who you are.