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Originally Posted by the_cheat
I've tried it a couple of times. First guy was a SOB and it blew up in my face. Slowly over a period of years. He knew how I felt and strung me along and then called me names. One day I got sick of his little digs and told him I didn't want to be friends anymore. Today I saw him at an Earthday thing and I think he saw me, but didn't recognize me. Good. Though I would've liked him to see me talking with Dennis K. Like, "look, the girl you kicked around is cool enough to talk to a presidential candidate, and you're nobody, NYAH" but whatever. It doesn't matter.

The second guy that I was friends with, well one day, we just talked on the phone and it came out that we liked each other as more than friends and, well, we're having our 2nd anniversary on Monday.
The first guy was an a-hole. The second sounds like a keeper.
That's awesome.

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