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Originally Posted by Alexjoujou View Post
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I've heard a lot of complaints about the Rainbow Henna. If you can find someone who sells the Jamila Henna, I've heard a lot of people get good results with that brand.

But I've never read a single good thing about Rainbow Henna.
I think what I've read is that Rainbow Henna is not pure henna..that there are other things in there. Depending on your hair that can cause a problem.

I don't know where you live but if you have any sort of ethnic market's they usually have it (Arabic, Indian, Armenian). I get mine there and it's about $3-4 and I got Reshma Henna and I get my Amla and all the other herbs there are well.
ooooh I never thought of that, I have to go to the International Market for Coconut Milk and some spices anyway, I'll take a scan for it.

I had a feeling that RRH was a bit iffy
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