If they found a SCH than there is reason for the bleed.

I had unfounded reason for spotting/bleeding. I had very faint implantation spotting than I spotted faintly again at 8 weeks. Though at 12 weeks I had bright red bleeding -- enough that it would have filled a panty liner. I was put on bedrest and upped my water intake. It took a good week or so to completely go away (it went from the bright red initial bleed, to pink, to brown to yellow discharge). The reason for my spotting/bleeding was never found, but my little boy turned 3 months old on Wednesday.

{{{hugs}}} I know how frightening it is... and don't be afraid to go running to your health care provider every time you spot or feel something is off, that's why they are there.
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
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