Too funny Bailey. Hehehe
I'm not trying to knock straight hair but I notice when I go out with my sister or friends (who have straight hair) that me and my friend with curly hair get the hands on hair treatment without permission. It does annoy me to no end which is why I like wearing my hair in a bun - no touching. I actually once had someone come behind me once and try to comb my hair. :x She meant it in a nice way to "smooth the top and static" but didn't understand my hair would look like a bird's nest as a result and was pretty persistent. Luckily, I used some leave-in-conditioner and that was the end of it.

Just in my experience when I straighten my hair, people will "ooo" and "aah" at straight hair and look only, but when I wear my hair curly it is like some people think go ahead and touch. Very strange. I just don't understand that.