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Originally Posted by Mamacurl3 View Post
nice job Aussie! What kinds of videos do you usually do?
Been doing The Firm cardio-sculpt which is sort of like circuit training, short sets of light weights with arms and back, leg presses, squats, lunges, etc and cardio segments that are a little dance-y, but not overly so. I really like that one and can follow it pretty easily. That's not to say that it's not hard physically (for me), but it's easy to follow -- nicely cued, movements make sense, etc. I also have some firm "cardio" videos...which I really don't like as much. They're very dance-y and I find that I spend more time trying to figure out what the F they're doing than I do actually keeping my heart rate up. I have a cardio pilates Gaiam one too, but I haven't done that one in a very long time (year+). It's HARD. I will wait until I feel a bit stronger to start doing that one again.
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