I learned that my hair hates 'cones in shampoos and conditioner but likes them in products.

I became open to trying new things like CG. I doesn't work for me but I tried.

I started reading product labels.

I've become addicted to trying new products but alas, I may have found my formula.

I discovered Sally Beauty.

I figured out that different weather conditions call for different hair products.

I finally found a gel I love - Abba Gel Lotion. (humid days)

I found a cream styler I love - I.C.O.N Beauty Cream Gel (dry days)

I can't say I've learned to love my curls but my hair never fully recurled since my experiment with Rusk anti-curl last November. I LOVE my new waves! I no longer covet straight hair.

I found my stylist.

Read a lot fewer books and spend a lot more time on the computer.
Me too.
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased