Speaking of "grabby", I stumbled across a display of this at my local market. I didn't buy anything because I didn't have my glasses but I got a puny sample to try.Today, I used this VERY "grabby" conditioner as a rinse out and used a pea sized as a leave-in and guess what? I got some great curl formation AND volume in my thin, fine non-porous hair! This conditioner smells so good! I will be back to buy some plus the shampoo and will review in a few weeks.
Type: 3a, fine, thin, low porosity Water/Climate: soft/ marine Washes: water w/washcloth, shikakai, clay Condition: Style:Seamollient, CurlsPFCCP, Miracurl, Gel-les'c, CK; rudeechick's super soaker method; blot, air dry 30 min; diffuse