* I brush my dry hair before I shower. I figure, some hair's gonna fall out, so I'd rather catch the shed hairs in my brush than have them go down the drain before I can catch them!

* Sometimes I flat-iron my bangs. Not often lately, but if I can't get them to look good without it, I break it out.

* Count me in as another constant hair-toucher! Always have at least one hand in my hair, haha.

* I also find myself SOTC-ing while my hair's still damp. I just can never wait to get rid of that crunch!

* I also confess that still have not been able to tell the difference when I use different products. I can't tell when my hair feels moisturised or dry or how it reacts to protein, or aloe, or panthenol, or anything - you get the idea. It almost always just feels the same to me. Reading this forum, you all seem so in tune with your hair, but I haven't reached that point yet. I've tried protein, conditioners, deep treatments, coconut oil, ACV rinses - nothing makes my hair actually feel different to me. So basically, I can't tell if any of the treatments I use are doing anything. On the bright side, at least that also means I haven't had any bad reactions - everything seems like it's working just fine, as though my hair tolerates everything!
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