Okay people, when you guys say "I diffuse my hair everyday" and you think that's cheating on CG -- where does it say that you can't diffuse everyday. Or in Loraine's book does she say its best to airdry? Or are you guys just saying that diffusing everyday is bad because of the heat and it something you wanna drop out because you want your hair to be healthier?

Yeah, cause the diffuser habit ain't goin.
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Right there with you girl! No Way either of my diffusers (or any of my future diffusers) is going anywhere!

You know I swapped out the Curly Girl book..I don't remember what Lorraine says..but since she used cones not sure I'd care much anyway...BUT I think the general consensus seems to be use as little heat as possible.

I don't think though, outside of flat ironing (or cooking your hair as I like to call it) anything else with heat is mentioned.

I do think diffusing is part of the reason that my hair can tolerate the level of products I'm using..because I'm so dang porous it really dries my hair out if I don't use more, thicker, heavier products...does that make sense???
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