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I use a sulfate shampoo once a week.

I use cones occasionally (usually close to when I'm going to shampoo.)

I don't cowash anymore--I just one step wash/conditioner with condish.

I wear my hair in a braid most of the time.

I think that's it.

I never straighten, though.
Wavy, curly on the ends, 2C.
Coarse to medium textured, porous, dry, and lots of it.
Shampoo--HSH Pumpkin, Abba Pure Moisture
LVPNG, HSH Pumpkin, Walgreen's Knockoffs--Condish/Cowash
AOHR, Nexxus, EO--LI
CK & ReCoil--Activator
Suave Max Hold, Alagio Curl-Gel
For inquiring minds who want to know:
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