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If you feel like bragging about a racist, sexist homophobe who posed naked in Cosmo, have at it.

It pisses me off that if he were a she and had posed in Playboy, the moral outrage would have been deafening.

It is interesting that Mass. already has healthcare reform so even if he votes against the national bill, the people in his state are still covered.
LOL....moral Dem Presidential candidate John Edwards fathering a child with his woman while his wife was fighting for her life with cancer? That kind of moral outrage?
Have you heard ONE Democrat defending John Edwards? I think he is a scumbag. Some of us aren't blindly loyal to everyone in our party you know.

I'm laughing because I know if Scott Brown was a Democrat and he showed his Man Boobs in a magazine and tried to pimp out his daughters on TV, you'd be all over that. And a double standard does exist regardless of what party you are a member of. A woman never would have gotten away with this.

Here is his layout for those of you who haven't seen it. His privates are covered (Thank God):

Oooooh, nice. Thanks for posting that!
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