Is it just me, or are conservatives, on average, more mean-spirited than liberals? Or gloaty, or something?
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Frankly I think racists (overt or deep seeded) tend to lean to the right. Obama's win has pissed them off into a tizzy. They are mad.

So any "fail" on Obama's administration fills them with glee, despite what it means for Americans.
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Okay, been wondering when the 'racism' card would be played.

Define 'racist and/or racism'.

MA had a huge voter turnout...just because many people who are dependent on the government for handouts were not motivated to turn out, it is not fair?

Independents put Obama in the office. And yes, his personal popularity is very high. He seems to be a very likable, charismatic person. BUT, his politics and policies are not popular. The government is overreaching and intruding and people don't like it. At this rate, I'm not happy that the government has my SS number or address.

Coakley and her crew had voter complaint forms filled out the day before the election. I'm surprised she didn't fight harder though. She conceded 2 hrs after polls closed & I have never heard of that.

And the Democrats STILL don't get it.
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