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Is it just me, or are conservatives, on average, more mean-spirited than liberals? Or gloaty, or something?

Decidedly more ranty. Liberals strike me as more chill.

I mean, look at this thread. Geez, CTFO.

Maybe it's because the party's been on a death spiral, so they're feeling all underdoggy or something.

R-E-L-A-X, my little conservative friends. You'll live longer and be able to send more of your kind to the Senate! Yay!
Riiiight. Cuz, we all know that libs never gloat.
Actually, libs really do seem less vindictive.

Please take note: I'm not a liberal, I'm pretty moderate. So I'm watching from the outside here. And that last paragraph I wrote, I meant it. I want there to be a balance. But the meanness has got to stop and it's mostly emanating from the right as of late. For real.

And again, take a look at this very thread. And many political threads on here. It's almost always the conservatives who go on some sort of ad hominem, ranty tear, not the liberals.

I just have very little patience for people who just want to whine but aren't contributing anything. Whether it's a perception problem, I don't know, but that's how conservatives are coming across these days.
WH--were you asleep the last 8 years? I have friends who support Obama and those who don't. And, oddly enough, may of the supporters comment on the fact that he is bi-racial. That has come up ONCE in discussions by people that don't support him....and that was someone in their 80s, so I just disregarded it. Not a big deal.

OTOH, my boss can't decide whether to call him Obama or Osama so he uses them both...and I correct him gently each time (I have to be careful...he's 69, stroke survivor & early stages of Alzheimer's, so I have to be judicious when correcting him...even if I am here temp)
My son wears combat boots (and a parachute).
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