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Southern White Male Republican usually equals Racist. Do we expect something different from these guys?
A large percentage of ppl on welfare are white single mothers tho lol.
That depends on the state demographics. But that was a completely reprehensible remark on her part.

What about this comment by Chris Matthews after the SOTU address last night?

Stupid? Yes.
Deplorable? Yes.
yes it was stupid and racist. I know what he meant by it and it was still racist.

And I heard Fox news say that whole "Post racial era) bullsh*t. Wtf does that even mean? That after Obama was elected that racism ceased to exist?
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- don't let everybody elses long straight weave bum you out. don't let other people's big/long natural hair bum you out either. embrace what you have and rock it with confidence, because that's the only way you'll be happy. and whether you realize it or not you are somebody's influence. show them what it truly means to be confident.
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