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I agree with someone who said earlier that the problem isn't with the 4bs not being 4b, it's that many people that are 4a identify themselves as 4b. When you look at the official description from the Andre Walker, 4b has no defined curl pattern. It frustrates me to see people with coils, even though they are tight, refer themselves to 4b. 4b hair won't coil, curl, nada. And that's what type I have. I sometimes joke and say I'm a 4z or even a type 5. But I feel I have to do that because too many of the people that say they are 4b really aren't. I don't think the curl pattern system is great or all-inclusive. And it can have the potential to cause division. But I think people just want to find others with hair like them so they can take the best care of their hair. Guess I'll just call myself a cNapp from now on...
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