Ooh, I looove animals.

This is our German Katze. We got her while were living in Germany from a friend's kitty who had a litter. I had never owned a cat and didn't think I liked them. My hubby told me I was insane. He knew how I loved animals, so we got the cat. This cat worships the ground I walk on. I love her and love to snuggle with her, but sometimes it gets sooo bad. She'll plant herself in my lap and hiss and scratch at anyone who comes close (including me if I try to get up). Seriously! The pic of Ian and the kitty is one of my fave pics ever. We call her KiKi. Or Cat. Its a long story.

I had a black lab mix that I lost over a year ago, but I think he deserves a spot on this thread I'd had him longer than I've been married. One of the reasons I didn't like living in Florida was that there were no lakes to take my dog to! That is one of my fave things in the world. Grizzly Bear was a lab mix. We called him Grizz. This summer I think I'm gonna take Ian and we're going to go pick us out a new doggie at the shelter.

Grizz, inspecting the new, loud, mewling thing that we brought home for the first time

and grizz -- in his favorite position. He was such a laid back dog.

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that is seriously an adorable picture of the cat and the baby. Weird, i didn't realize you had a baby. I thought you had older kids, no??