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@ kikisf - I love her hair in those pics. I want to process my hair for longer so it can look like that but my hair is so resistant. I definitely think there are a lot more texturized heads out there. Some even say that relaxers were never intended to completely straighten hair...

Originally Posted by tcoady27 View Post
Okay, first thank you so much for creating this post. I decided to go natural and I have to admit I have had a hard time. I have not had a perm in years at least 3 but I had been wearing braids. Now I have finally decided to wear my natural hair out, but it is so hard. So I would like to texlax, but I also want to henna.

My hair has been growing like crazy but I feel it needs a little more strength. I have a really good wash, cowash, moisture regimen right now. I have done protein treatments (apohgee) but I not crazy about the results and every time I go to a salon they want to perm my hair and I don't want to deal with the peer pressure. I have stopped going long ago because of this, I even looked into Miss Jessie's because I felt they would welcome natural hair but they want too much money ($250 to $600). That's just crazy. Sorry I am rambling but here is my quandry,

1. Can I texlax and henna
2. If I can henna and texlax which should I do first
3. Any recommendations on texlax products.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate any help you can give.
Kikisf did a great job and was on point with her answer. I can only add that if I was you I would henna first and maybe even do 2-3 treatments before you start texturizing. You always want to make sure that your hair is in top condition before you use a relaxer. So if you think your hair isn't strong enough get that under control first. If not you might do irreversible damage by relaxing.

I cosign using a lye relaxer in mild or mixed with conditioner. When in doubt, please do a strand test to ensure you get the results you are aiming for.
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