What words do you hate to hear? c*nt, sl*t, etc - anything using female sexuality to degrade women; the f word, particularly when used at least 3 times in every sentence.

What sound makes you cringe? people fighting/arguing - I hate conflict

What color do you absolutely Hate? There's a very specific shade of purple - a lighter shade, and very much associated with little girl's clothing - I once had to wear a swimsuit in this exact colour . .. it makes me feel ill just looking at it.

What trend/trends do you hate? Anything overly revealing - thong sticking out of the back of jeans that are waaay too low, belly tops, serious cleavage. The "gangsta" style when guys wear jeans so low that the crotch is almost touching the ground, too.

What kind of food makes you gag? Liver; internal organs in general.

Who is your least favorite person in your life? Thankfully right now I have no reason to be forced to associate with anyone I dislike, so n/a.

Who is your least favorite Celeb? Many, many of them, but mostly Paris Hilton.

What hair product do you hate? Mane 'n tail Herbal Gro - it has a texture like wax and I had to shampoo (sulfates and all) over 5 times in a row to get it all out.

Name 1 thing you hate about yourself . . . I frequently forget about common courtesies, particularly when dealing with those I care most about - and the most infuriating part of this is that its not concious - I'm not trying to be selfish, it just seems to be a part of my makeup.
"A face without freckles is like a night without stars"