Oh my...hot button for me ;D

Nancy Atherton (Aunt Dimity---very cozy w/o being saccharine)
Rhonda Pollero---paralegal in Miami Beach who's taste outstrips her money...she's building a rolex from parts she is buying on Ebay...funny.
Laura Childs - two series..Teashop mysteries and scrapbooking...she just started a third one too.
Elizabeth Peters, but I think someone mentioned her.
Dorothy Gilman--she started writing hers in the late 60s...Mrs. Pollifax..woman in her 60's who wanted adventure so she volunteered for the CIA...who mistook her for someone else. Great series.
Susan Wittig Albert - herbal mysteries--Tx writer.
Leeann Sweeney - mysteries set in and around Houston.
Wendy Roberts - Ghostdusters series....Devil may ride. Character cleans up crime scenes & finds herself face to face with the dead.
G.A. McKevett--size 14 PI from GA who lives in a small S. California town.
Garrison Allen--main characters are Big Mike (LARGE cat) and his owner, Penelope---live in a small town in AZ that is chock full of the most wonderful characters...I'd love to read a new one from him.
Jill Churchill
Laura Levine - Jane Austin mysteries...not that Jane. She's a riot too.
Madelyn Alt - paranormal mysteries...sorta
Chintz and China series...can't think of the author's name, but she has another series set in a bath and bodyworks shop....great recipes. Several of the ones suggested have recipes and ideas in them too.
There's a few to get you started. Amazon has a pretty good style...look up a couple of authors and they will give you suggestions in that vein too. I've found some great ones that way.
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