What words do you hate to hear? Any slurs, to a lesser extent made-up or mis-used words

What sound makes you cringe? Vinyl on vinyl *shudder*

What color do you absolutely Hate? On me, any orange. In general, dull orange.

What trend/trends do you hate? The shirt-past-the-butt trend. It's just not a good look, IMO. Way too slouchy.

What kind of food makes you gag? Bite your tongue!

Who is your least favorite person in your life? No answer.

Who is your least favorite Celeb? I'll follow the crowd and go with Paris Hilton. (And I don't consider Federline a celeb)

What hair product do you hate? Haven't tried enough to answer this!

Name 1 thing you hate about yourself My procrastination. No, wait, my lack of common sense about things like bedtime. Okay, let's go with indecision.

...It's a siggie.