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Originally Posted by 3cCurly View Post
I thought the billboard was hilarious, and If I were to compare the lesser of evils Bush vs. Obama, I would have say I do miss bush lol not only is obama carrying on torch of increase deficit hes beating Bush to a bloody pulp by quadrupling the deficit in the trillions and counting and obama can't blame bush for that he did it all by his dayum self
You must have taken some hardcore drugs and damaged brain cells. So you're telling me this is all Obama even tho you admit he inherited the big problem itself?

Wow... well you and susancnw definitely prove what I've always said... ppl on the right are f*ckin retarded as hell.
Originally Posted by subbrock View Post
- don't let everybody elses long straight weave bum you out. don't let other people's big/long natural hair bum you out either. embrace what you have and rock it with confidence, because that's the only way you'll be happy. and whether you realize it or not you are somebody's influence. show them what it truly means to be confident.
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