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Default Interesting and Illuminating!

Wow! And I thought I was the only one....
My mom and older brothers hate their curly hair. All my cousins have long beautiful straight hair and I have struggled all my life with curly hair. Only because care for curly hair in India usually means trying to oil and comb it through until its really frizzy and dull. So went through childhood and adolescence in tight pigtails, looking like well, a pig....
After moving to the US, I discovered relaxers and abused them until my hair started showing the wear and tear. Then mom got breast cancer and went through chemo.When her hair started to grow, I noticed how beautiful her curly hair really was. She hates it still, but I decided to grow out my curly hair in December and chopped off the damaged hair. My hair is a lot healthier, but is agonizingly slow to grow. Taking multivitamins, deep conditioning, avoiding the salon and praying.
I was brave this week and postponed my hair cut to April. It will be three months between cuts at that point, but since my hair is healthier and doesn't have split ends, I think I can push it that long. It's the messiness that I have to deal with. Hairbands have been really useful!!
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