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Originally Posted by goobernut View Post
Kayaelle -- (I'm bizarre I know), but are you allergic to "Drupe fruits?" Or all fruits with a stone in the middle? Or is it just the specific ones you mentioned?

Just curious. I read about Drupe Fruit allergy the other day and didn't know that people could be allergic to fruits with that specific kind of "stone". I know apples aren't drupe fruits, but was just wondering.
Oh, hmm, I've never heard of that. Just googling it really quick it says peaches, plums, cherry, nectarines, almonds.

INTERESTING because... I'm allergic to most things associated w/ the birch tree pollen such as: apples, pears, peaces, plums, nectarines, cherries, almonds walnuts... I think there are a few more but those don't bother me.

so a lot of those look like drupes, huh?
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