Wow Ohmycurlz, I can't believe you read the whole thread, and that's the conclusion you came to. I don't know how many times others (or myself) can state how they feel, and then someone like you can come along and totally misinterpret it. Be offended, please notify those that you think this pertains to, (though I think some of the other members have already beat you to it). My response really isn't for you, its more for those that will read your post and wonder if we really are attacking the small business. I just wanna clarify that I'm not here to hurt small businesses, I'm here -- on this thread -- over and over again because I think if these companies weren't small businesses, they would be sued. You can't lie about your product. This whole "using a base" thing would NEVER have been an issue, if they hadn't claimed to come up with the recipe on their own. Again, I will state that one of my favorite products is a base and I have no issue with that company using it, and I will continue to purchase it. Because she has never claimed to come up with each and every recipe on her own. Do you finally see the difference?

Again, like Kathy so succinctly stated, its not that we're angry about small businesses using a base. Its that they are lying about the origin. Your grocery store analogy doesn't apply. It would be more like a grocery stores trying to sell a twinky to us by buying it in bulk, unwrapping it from the plastic, then re-wrapping it in pretty paper and ribbons, and then that grocery store claims to have "freshly baked it". That's the difference. Well actually, I'm sure this happens, but when it does, I make sure an inform my friends about it, so that they don't pay extra for a twinky in sheep's clothing.

And if you think that the moderators would ban you, just because you calmly (without personal slander) stated your personal opinion on a thread, you really don't frequent here.

My guess is that you are one of small business owners who thinks she's being attacked. *shrugs*

Hello people! I love small business! I hate liars! You figure out the rest.
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