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Originally Posted by ReddishRocks View Post
Originally Posted by SuZenGuide View Post
Hi, I edited the title for you.
Thank you! Hopefully that'll help some people out.
ReddishRocks....thank you so much! This is my 1st day on here, and was not understanding what most everyone was talking about, especially on the signature line! You helped alot. Saved it to a work document so I can print it out! lOL!!
I am a newbie, so I am just getting started on here. I just did a pure virgin coconut oil treatment on my hair, and it looks great!!

The main problem I am having on here is trying to determine my hair type. Looks like 3a, but it can be just wavy at times too being as it is getting longer.

Don't understand some of the short terms on here. Figure out what CG meant though! LOL!

Looking forward to making some new curly girl friends on here!
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