I ordered a Jessicurl "rich" collection trial pack. It arrived on Saturday (with much grumbling from dh-"why are you buying more stuff for your hair, AND paying for shipping?"

Anyway, I've been using the products since then, and have gotten pretty great curls everyday! I'm so psyched-after buying umpteen different products it's so nice to find something that actually works

I use the HCC every other day, and the Too Shea, Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils everyday. I've tried the spray for refreshing mid-day curls (not gelebration, but the name is escaping me now) and it worked.

I plan to try the deep treatment this week. I also received a free sample of the hair softening oil, so I'll give that a try as well.

I just wish I didn't have to order the products online and that they were less expensive-but the quality is so great that it's worth it.

If I visit a friend with a digital camera, I'll try and post pictures.

Thanks for listening-