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Honestly, as soon as it comes I start the whipping process, melting it down and whipping might make the difference, cuz when I apply its always smooth.

I add Rosehip seed because it has lots of healing properties for skin and hair, I use my shea mix for my hair and body.
Hmmm.. I gotta give this a try! Usually I just put everything on my hair first, then appply shea butter! What is the difference that you feel in your hair when applying your whipped shea mixtures?
I use a mix too, it's the same thing as putting things one by one in your hair, it just saves you more time and your hair benefits from all those ingredients at once. I also love the feel of whipped shea butter mix in my hands and my hair.
This is how I do mine: I warm about 2 ts of coconut oil and 1 ts of EVOO then add the shea butter while the oils are still warm so it warms up a little bit then add AVG and Glycerin. I also added honey (about a tea spoon) then whip everything for about 10 minutes until it gets all fluffy. I think I added more AVG because I noticed it was getting more like a lotion than a whipped mix.
In fact, this mix was posted by someone a few weeks ago, with the exact amounts, I think I just changed a little bit the amounts because my hair loves glycerin and AVG.

Does anyone know what I can do or apply to my hair or shea butter mix to ensure ALL DAY moisture? Usually I apply rosewaterw/ glycerin, then a sparing amount of swt. almond oil, then a tiny bit of shea butter daily... but that's not doing it.. All responses appreciated!!

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