I am pissed at the outcome of the DevaCare line and i say line b/c i practically purchased everything from the no-poo to the curlagel, not to mention it was PRICEY. I mistakenly used this products no-poo & condition one first thing after taking out my braids. My hair was unrecognizable, it was as though some1 stole my texture and pass their dry, brittle, tangled hair to me. I didnt think to blame it on the product since i heard so many great things about it,(its supose to be damb near perfect) so i blamed the fact that my hair was growing out on the matter. Next day i use completely diffrent products and meraculouslly my texture is back to soft, i thought it was coincidence so i decided to give devacare one last chance...HUGE mistake!! it left my hair worse than it was b4k very tangled and supper dry and to add insult to injury, my scalp is dry, flacky and itchy!!! now i am under a dryer, upset, doing a DC in hopes that i can get this stuff out of my hair! I am soo disapointed at the outcome because i had high hopes for this product and it left me writting this thread. If you are a sista with kinky hair do not make the same mistake i made. you dont get what you pay for when it comes to hair products because my v05 conditioner cost me just $1 and gets the job done. I wish there was a post like this from sistas with 4 hair types warning me b4 spending $56 on some products i wasnt going to use.
please post products you've had a bad experience for. thanks for sharing
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