I've been bad and been using non-CG stuff for styling...some of it I was unaware it was not CG until recently. So I used some conditioner on the lower half of my hair, let that sit in for a minute or so, then started with a small amount of my diluted shampoo and worked it into my scalp and hairline, then a little more under by the nape, and then the smallest bit on the length because of the non-CG styler I used the last few days. Followed up with more condish, let it sit, did shower stuff and then detangled and rinsed. I followed up with a little more condish and smoothed on and did a quick rinse. (I usually use my liquified Jungle condish first and then American Cream after, but this time I reversed it, using the AC as the pre-poo coat condish...no real particular reason). Blotted some water with a shirt, then added my Biolage/Big Tease mix to my sides first, then the top, then the bottom. I did a little super soaking and scrunched, then scrunched again with my shirt and plopped. I'm about to go to bed, but I think I am going to undo the plop, check it out, and I may add more gel (just the regular Biolage) before replopping.

Here I am after SOTC with a little of my LUSH massage bar (rubbed in my hands and scrunched).

The rest on page 2 of My Inner Curl album.

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