Co-wash with SN Coconut. Rinse out GFSS and leave-in GFTN Icequeen style. Scrunched in KCCC and L'Oreal Melting Gel. Overnight plop.

Worked very hard to get a part this morning, then SOTC and scrunched in a little more Melting Gel. I have no root curl at all today, but no frizz either. I'm totally in love with these curls, though!!! The Icequeen method is awesome!!!
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Scribe Rona, Bibliophile of the Auburn Spirals and Pilgrim to the Western Wastelands, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

2c/3a, M/C, iii, low porosity, absolutely no elasticity

Co-wash: SN Coconut or Apple
Leave-in: SN Coconut or GFTN
Stylers: KCCC, L'Oreal Melting Gel, HESMU
Cleanse: Burt's Bees Shampoo Bar (1x week)

My hair loves the Icequeen Method and overnight plopping.

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