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Originally Posted by OctoberBaby02
I tried the Desert Essence Italian Red Grape & the Nature's Gate Asian Pear and Red Tea conditioners. I am on the fence about both because I do find them pretty moisturizing, but I need quite a bit of both in order to saturate my hair. The Nature's Gate seems to detangle better, but neither are that great at detangling.
Yeah, that's why I consider the DE IRG a good fix if you run out of Too Shea and don't want to have some overnighted, but not cost effective for daily, regular use. The NG APRT does require a good bit of condish too, and I did notice it detangled a little better than the DE IRG did (since the DE is so thick).

Originally Posted by OctoberBaby02
I really want to try the C.O. Bigelow conditioner and may purchase it this weekend. Laurabeth, if you see this, did you have a problem with the protein in this conditioner? Or are you not very sensitive to proteins? My hair has a hard time with hydrolyzed wheat protein if it's high on the ingredient list, but it's about half way down the list on this conditioner. I hope it doesn't dry my hair out.
I have had protein problems before, but usually it's with products left in my hair (a leave-in was particularly bad). I've only had a handful of protein problems with rinse out products (like Tresemme Anti-Breakage conditioner). So I'm not super-prone to protein issues, but I'm not immune either. For someone super protein-sensitive, it's not the best choice except for the occasional special occasion hair.
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