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whatsercurl, I think some of your tangle issues could be frequency of haircut. We have similar hair attributes, but I get my hair cut every six weeks--and never tangle unless I use a product with mineral or castor oil. I don't care about slip or "grab," it makes no difference in how my hair looks or feels.

Hmmm ... I agree somewhat with hair cuts. However, I never have split ends or breakage (my stylist is always amazed - Yay to good products and routines!) when I get it cut which is what I believe a haircut serves to minimize or fix. I get my hair cut about as often as del and IIRC she hardly gets any tangles. Plus I don't notice any difference in tangles after a cut.

I often thought it was because my hair was fine and long but rcc is coarse and long and hers also tangles.

Sorry for all my guano, goob
I'm just as tangly right after as cut as I am 10 months later. That doesn't seem to play a role in how tangle prone I am. I am a little more tangle prone in winter from clothing, but that's the only noticeable change. Some people tangle, some don't.
I'm a tangler. I can detangle and style my hair and then NOT MOVE and I swear it will tangle all on its own.

And I don't have split ends. Never have had an issue with them, but my hair just likes to wind around itself. Especially at the nape. Grrrrr.
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