First and foremost, thank you BB! I made my first batch of FSG yesterday after running out of gel a couple of days ago and couldn't afford to buy decent hair gel... Anywho... I was on NC as usual and read up on different gels and pos alternatives for my miffed tresses and came across this thread. I decided to give it a try. Sure why the hell not. OMG! At first I was sure what to expect from the mass of snot I just created in my kitchen and was a little relunctant to put said snot in my hair. I slathered it on and brush it through, styled as usual sans the slew of hair products, and HOLY CRAP!!! My hair is flippin amazazing! Its sooo shiny and bouncy and...and...cooool! Lol! I have been in an ugly funk due to a botched, messed up, un godly hair cut and really wanted to shave my head and start anew. Not anymore! Thank you again BB! I appreciate all that you do for yourself and the rest of us curly headed goddesses! Thank you!
Currently in couples therapy with my hair.(We know we should get along because we're attached forever, and sometimes we do, but there are those days when no matter what I say or do my hair does exactly the opposite.)
Texture: 3b/3c/4a
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CO: JCS Nutrient Replenishing Co
Leave-Ins: JCS Revitalizing Leave-In Co, KCKT
Gel: FSG, Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel
Other: Pure Coconut Oil, JCS Nourish & Shine