Is this guy a lil' too much?

Hey there!

Like my creative subject line? It took me about half an hour to think it up. I was going for something attention-grabbing yet cool and laid back, but also friendly and open.

So I seem to get a lot of winks from girls in NYC who don't realize I live nowhere near NYC, but your profile says you bounce between NY and central Jersey a lot, so...maybe you're one of the special few who knew where I lived when you winked at me? I hope so, cause you sound like someone I want to meet I like happy, laughing, clumsy, spaz romantics.

Ok, so...I don't raise seeing eye dogs but I love animals. I don't read to senior citizens, but I've helped them with their computer troubles fairly regularly (they're so cute). I don't coach a little kids' soccer team, but I've babysat some (including within the last few years), and my mom keeps telling me I don't call her enough, but I try Where's that put me on your Nice Guy scale? Oh, and I have nothing against plays, but I'm skeptical of your claim that I'll walk away humming show tunes. Sounds like a challenge to's on.

Assuming you're cool with flirting with someone from central NJ and didn't suddenly realize this was a big mistake, here's a quiz! Nothing beats quizzes for figuring out how compatible you are, right? Give yourself no points for each A, 1 point for B's, 3 for C's and 5 for D's. Score under a 7 and we'll probably hate each other. Score 18 or above and you probably cheated, because I don't think anyone's that perfect Unless you really are, in which case I might propose to you on our 2nd date.

Here's the quiz! Good luck!

1) We're getting physical, we move the wrong way, and accidentally head butt each other. You:

A) Decide I'm inept and resolve to dump me at the first opportunity.
B) Cry.
C) Laugh, and later remind me about it every chance you get.
D) Don't even notice and just keep on going at it.

2) We're cuddled up on the couch, watching a gratuitous action movie. You decide to:

A) Refuse to watch it because you hate those kinds of movies.
B) Watch it with me on the condition that you get to pick the movie next time.
C) Enjoy the cuddling, and contentedly fall asleep two thirds through the movie.
D) You love gratuitous action movies, too!

3) I say something that could be interpreted in a few ways, one of which is calling you fat. Your reaction:

A) Become very upset at me, because obviously my intention was to call you fat...and that's cruel.
B) Become annoyed but drop it after I explain what I really meant to say.
C) Laugh at me for ineptly calling you fat, knowing that's not what I meant.
D) You didn't even realize you could have interpreted it as a fat comment.

4) We're c uddled up on the couch (again), and out of nowhere my kitten launches a flying death attack at your face. You:

A) Decide that this means war, and you hate my kitten from now on.
B) Endure the assault and let it slide.
C) Laugh and/or launch your own kitten counterattack.
D) The attack never landed because you're a ninja.

5) I spend some time hanging out with a friend I've known longer than I've known you, who happens to be a girl. Your reaction when I see you again:

A) You want to know what we were doing, and you judge my answers with suspicion in your heart.
B) You're a little wary of me spending time with her, and would like to meet her yourself, maybe by coming along the next time we hang out.
C) You have faith in me and trust that she's just another friend, as long as I'm not spending ALL my time with her.
D) Your trust me completely, so you don't even think about it.

By the way, I'm Paul, nice to meet you.