What an interesting morning I've had. Here's what I changed today...no leave-in and no gel. Instead, I just used Biotera curl creme, fine-tooth combed, then Joico mousse, then plopped for 15 minutes. It FINALLY dawned on me that the plopping was making my clumps break apart, not the gel, so I ran back to the bathroom and re-supersoaked, and re-moussed. This gave me MUCH better clumps, but there are a still a few kinks I'd like to work out (har har).

I probably shouldn't comb anymore. Or plop anymore. Or use a leave-in. Since I've finally figured out that plopping makes my hair sad, not gel, I think I'm going to give the gel ONE more try, before I officially give it up altogether.

Maybe your hair doesn't like the fine toothed comb, and would work better with a brush. I absolutely love my Denman brush. I have read about people using a comb with great results, but I have also read that some people can't do the comb (their hair doesn't clump as well) and give the curl definition they like. So don't give up, keep experimenting!
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Yeah, I'm totally starting to question the comb. I have a lot more surface frizz when I comb it...I'll use my denman instead next time and see! Thanks for the tip!

Have you tried not plopping? My hair hates it. I know this process of trial and error is so frustrating. Maybe try not plopping and see what happens.
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Why didn't I think of this before!! I plopped my hair this morning, and instantly saw all of my clumps break apart. I'd never attributed it to plopping! When it finally dawned on me, I supersoaked again, and voila! Better clumps!! I didn't have the root curl I usually get with plopping, I can totally forgo the root curl for better clumping
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