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Originally Posted by Gretchen View Post
Welcome to our community, everyone!
Hi there my name is Lana and this website is so great for curly girls.. First i need a little help determining my hairtype but i believe that it is a combination of 3c, 4a & 4b. The back of my hair is much straighter than the middle, whereas the front is very curly and i tend to get the most frizz in this area. Secondly my hair is THINNING!..OR SHEDDING which one i'm not sure..:S..and i have this build up on my scalp in patches..I live between the Caribbean and Canada and was wondering if the climate change would cause this? My current routine which i recently started includes: Shampoo: Mixed Chics Conditioner: Mixed Chics Leave-In: Kinky Curly Knot today Burnt Sugar Pommade by Oyin ( i kinda find this a bit too heavy) I discovered this website and after reading about sulfates and silicones became a bit worried as to if these could also cause thinning or shedding?? At this point i'm so FRUSTRATED and i am just using conditioner(silicone free) and using jojoba oil in between my regular wash. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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