Okay, as some may recall, I take slurs, slanders, and so-called "explanations" as to why redheads are: different; tormented; obsessed about; etc. VERY personally.

Basically, in my view, if you're not a redhead, or have something nice to say about redheads, then SAY NOTHING, please.

I don't care about Celtic tradition, moronic stereotypes about fiery redheads, or how the teasing gets better as girls mature.

This is bullisht bullying, just like any other kind. It's not funny, it's not fair, and I'm f-ing sick of it.
Originally Posted by ninja dog

Oh please. No one was saying anything mean or trying to justify ANYTHING. Marah Mizrahi was explaining where the reasons stemmed from.

That doesn't make the bullying right, obviously.

Personally, I love red hair and think it is gorgeous.
Teasing and bullying because of it is ridiculous and whoever does it must be very insecure about themselves.
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