Here is what I did --
I got some highlights, which turned out not so good -- I just didn't like how they came out (it wasn't bleach). I ended up a few days later using a color condish (AVEDA CLOVE) a couple times to cover up the highlights and then today I used a clarifying poo to get rid of the cones on my hair so I can go back to CG -- I clarified my hair with suave clarifying a few times actually to make sure everything is off of my hair, and the color actually kept pretty good. My hair doesn't even seem dry even though I clarified that many times. But now I can go back to my regularly-scheduled CG program. Just wanted to share. I am sure whatever color I still have on my hair may be permantent at this point (I think?!) but that's a good thing.
pw: curls
Cowash - No Poo, Suave Coconut
Conditioner - One Condition
Leave In - KCKT
Gel - KCCC at the moment