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Originally Posted by Naturalista View Post
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Boooooo for not elaborating!

Glad I bought it though, lol.
Lol! There's just not much else to say. It's a really good gel...for me.
I got the package today Nea!! This citrus bliss is ON POINT!! It may be my summer moisturizer vs. my hair sealer..LOL!! The almond joy is a little blah. I was expecting a different smell.

The peppermint gel looks promising and based on your thumbs up I'm looking forward to trying it. Are you doing wash n go's with it or protective styling? Both??

The owner was sooo nice and sent me a 2oz free shea-loe LI sample since it was sold out on the site when I was buying. I'm thinking of using it under the gel and seeing what happens.
Girl....Nea don't do "wash n go's", lol! I'd be bald as a peach. I use gel primarily for twisting (on top of a butter or cream, for extra hold particularly in the front), and for reducing frizz around my edges.

Yes, two of the things I like about Koils By Nature is they include a sample or two...of something, and they send shipping notices. The customer service is top notch.
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