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Originally Posted by nicole. View Post
How long did it take? I kinda wanna put them in myself too...
Yarn braids took me 15 hours and yarn twists took me 9. I have pictures of the braids in my fotki, but I will post pics of the twists if you want to see.

Originally Posted by kandiekj100 View Post
I, too , have been thinking of doing them myself. I've had the yarn in my closet for over a month. I've a test braid and it seems easy enough but I guess I'm not ready to do actually sit down and do my whole head. The youtubers who I've seen all say it took them hours or days to do.

Then there is the whole issue of my scalp. I know you can still wash your hair but I worry about messing up the integrity of the briads with too much washing. My scalp gets crazy itchy after just a few days and the braid sprays and seabreeze does not help. Nor does oiling my scalp.

With that said, I still want to do them. Actually before seeing this thread, I was trying to talk myself up to doing them again. Maybe start Friday night and finish up on saturday. Maybe...
Actually, washing doesn't bother the braids, because they don't get frizzy. The parts will look different, but not the yarn. A lot of people (myself included) like them better after washing, because they look more like real locs/dreads. The only thing is that they take forever to dry.

Originally Posted by NATURALLYchipmunkk View Post
i took your advice and did them myself and braiders professional braiders DESERVE my money my hands hurt and they came out ok lol i will upload pics when im done.
Yes, I've been thinking about that more and more. I did my yarn twists on Saturday/Sunday, just finished my sister's and I have to do my mom's later on.
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