Curl Pattern: 2c, maybe.. some 3a sometimes..
Texture: fine, medium, coarse-- seem to have a mixture
Porosity:med perhaps, not sure, got some highlighted parts that prob are more porous.
Density: v thick
Elasticity: low-- not sure, snaps easily.
Characteristics: very dense, tends to puffs and frizzes, tons of volume, don't often get tangles


Hair ingredient likes: FSG, ACV rinses
Hair ingredient dislikes: soap bars, FOTE KCCC, being OC'd

Hard/Soft Water: Hard I think, FL water, but put a shower filter in : Sprite slim line.

HG/Go-to Products: FSG!, CCClite for 2nd day hair

Average climate/dew points: humid FL weather

Fall/Winter combos: FSG
Spring/Summer combos: FSG with BRHG or some gel to hold

Favorite styling techniques and why: rake, plop airdry. Diffuse on low while scrunching for 3a curls!
Techniques that didnít work and why: plopping all the way- cos of my cowlicks in the front they go out of control!
Denman seems to flatten too much, so though i love super soaker to get rid of frizz i just rake instead of denman.

Hair Twins: let me know...
Here is a pic from yesterday, FSG only in hair bit on the frizzy side as you can see
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2c/3a ? fine/medium iii- tons of it! FL. Suave, TTNG, CJDF co wash, GDLI
HG- FSG, CK, ReCoil, Aldi shique gelee, ACV, ccclite or fsg 4 2nd day sotc:JCNS
curl journal

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