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I love this stuff, I reviewed it on my blog - http://questfortheperfectcurl.wordpr...e-of-my-loves/

However...I'm not sure if I'm going to rebuy it now that I have found my love, pure aloe gel, and I can't stand the herbal smell of the AO products!
Pure Aloe gel you say? where do you get that?.. how do you use it? tell me more, i want to me in love too
You can get Fruit of the Earth, which is 100% Aloe Gel with a few preservatives...or 99% Aloe Gel (the best one I have tried is Trader Joe's - it has parabens but I like it better than Lily of the Desert, which smells kind of strong, like a pool). I got my FOTE from Rite Aid with the sunscreen and stuff. I loooove it over a moisturizer. Gives me soft curls and takes down the frizz.
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