My scalp and hair are different and their needs differ. I wanted to love CO washing but my scalp hated it while my hair was ok with it. So I went modified and looked for non sulfate shampoos, but some of them are as harsh or harsher on my hair and scalp than pure sulfates! I still occasionally need a sulfate shampoo so my hair doesn't get weighed down, but I've found a host of things I can use, and as long as it's only very occasional my scalp doesn't rebel.

In the long run what works for each individual varies, though. Wish I could help more.
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I began in November of 2009 with lowpooing and occasional milder sufate pooing. Then I began Cowashing with CJ DAily Fix this year, alternating with lowpooing (rarely clarifying, though, now). Now, I do MOSTLY nopooing, some lowpooing, and very rarely clarifying.

I doubt I'll be totally nopoo. I don't foresee giving up the perkiness of occasional lowpooing and infrequent clarification pooing. However, I notice an improvement in moisturization and frizz when I do a string of Nopooing with Daily Fix. I do require less leave-in and less product. Hair feels better.
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