I still get gunky too and have to lowpoo occasionally, and I actually have a sulfate free clarifying CG shampoo from Pravana I use. So yesterday I clarified with it, then used CJCF Protein condish, rinsed, CCCC Lite, and KMFUM gel. Itchies weren't too bad, but the uppermanagement didn't hold all that well, and my hair was frizzy and flat which I actually expected due to clarifying. It should be better for awhile now.

On a side note, I've tried Angell before but not ArcAngell and I got some ArcAngell to try now. We'll see how it does.....
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Yeah, the CCCC Lite often leaves me frizzy because it's so moisturizing if I try to use it on wet hair--but I do like it with CIAB. No frizz! Or minimal frizz! :-P

The KMF UM gel is about a medium hold. I love it with SS CEJ, a combo I nicked from dark_waves, but I add a teensy bit of BRHG for hold.
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CCCC Lite doesn't leave me frizzy, it was the clarifying low poo. Usually the CCCClite is fine. I LOVE it with CIAB! KMF made me itch pretty badly, so I'm probably going to take it back to WF. It's just not worth it if it isn't harder holding. Sigh.....always looking for HG prods.....
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