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Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: 2a, 2b, 3a
Texture: fine
Porosity: ?
Density: thin
Elasticity: ?
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, easy to straighten, wurl pattern easily discouraged

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod CG

Hair ingredient likes: protein, honey
Hair ingredient dislikes:

Hard/Soft Water: ?

HG/Go-to Products: GVP Volume Boost Spray, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream, HESMU mousse

Average climate/dew points: humid; 60s, sometimes up to 70s or down to's Texas.

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos: HESMU mousse, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream, LOOB, GVP Volume Boost

Favorite styling techniques and why: scrunching and then diffusing 100% (encourages curl pattern and gives volume); mod super soaker (encourages clumps); parting in the middle, styling, and then making a new part (adds much-needed volume)
Techniques that didnít work and why: plopping (hair too short), clipping (I don't know why! ), icequeen (sooo many tangles and no clumps), combing product through hair (goodbye clumps and waves), air drying (no volume, and I end up putting it up)

Hair Twins:
Type: SL 2b/3a; wavier in back, curlier in front.
Wash: Burt's Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo (mod CG), Burt's Bees Super Shiny Conditioner + honey, V05 Strawberries 'n Cream (co-wash)
Styling: KCNT, LALSG, Aussie Sprunch Spray, LOOB, HESMU mousse, HETT spray gel, Biotera Curl Creme, GVP Volume Boost Spray, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream (LOVE)
My hair loves honey, diffusing, and protein!
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